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In the last few decades, it has become increasingly clear that humanity is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The problems that stand in the way are not of economical or technological nature. The deepest sources of the global crisis lie inside the human personality and reflect the level of consciousness evolution of our species.

- Dr. Stanislav Grof

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viable Earth asked to guest blog for 1Sky!

So Viable Earth recently had the honor of being asked to provide a guest blog for 1Sky, an organization dedicated to getting the Federal government to act on climate change.  Their board of directors contains two of my personal Green heroes - Van Jones and Bill McKibben - and they (alongside constitute one of the most powerful drivers of action on climate change in the US. 

So when Emma Fernandez from 1Sky approached me (as the owner of a business dedicated to helping prevent catastrophic climate change) to be their first ever Green business guest blogger I did the only sensible thing possible...

I said "of course!". 

You can check out my blog post here: Empowering people key to cutting climate pollution.


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