Seeking to Empower Humanity with the Perspective to Manifest Evolutionary Change Everywhere

In the last few decades, it has become increasingly clear that humanity is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The problems that stand in the way are not of economical or technological nature. The deepest sources of the global crisis lie inside the human personality and reflect the level of consciousness evolution of our species.

- Dr. Stanislav Grof

Friday, July 30, 2010

Capitol Green Girls

I wanted to plug a fellow blog site that's help making the world a safer place for Green.

Capitol Green Girls is a blog about Conservation meeting Commerce. The authors have a particular insight into the ENGO community, environmental businesses and environmental legislative developments in Washington, DC. CGG also serves to unveil greenwashing in our fair city of Washington and its environs. Greenwashers discredit those trying to make real progress towards long term sustainability, and as a result, undermine the health of the planet.

Consider subscribing to Capitol Green Girls.

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